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About Us


Our roots are in Singapore and what started it all was the passion for exceptional coffee, food and great service.

Started by 2 newly minted moms (Cheryl and Jessica) Coffee Bandits came to being in late 2013 after we started looking for life after being a corporate lemming. Life is really too short and precious to not put our passions front and center and that was when we came together to start Coffee Bandits. Now the question is how do we align our passions as we build our families. Join us as we go on this ride.

Why a Food Truck

What better way could there be to have direct contact with customers and bring great coffee to everyone everywhere? A food truck ticks all the boxes and more with the ability to bring great food and coffee to far off places.

Why Coffee Bandits

We love Singapore but getting approvals for a food truck can be a “challenge”. That was why we thought we might be called bandits as we pull shots and run. Rest assured…. we are fully licensed now.

Our Coffee

Freshly roasted right here in Singapore, we only serve specialty grade beans in our hopper. Nothing overly roasted and light enough to drink without added sugar (the way it should be). It’s a double ristretto if you are wondering.

Make Your Own Rules

Our tagline captures the way we approach everything, from the way we pull our coffee shots to the food that we serve to the way we run our business. We believe that nothing great comes from always staying in the “box”.